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Build a Blog or Website DIY (Do it Yourself) or We Can Do It For You!

A website or blog is the first step needed to build that presence on-line. YOBC and it’s brother and sister website provides domains, hosting, software,toos and training to provide marketing for any business. You don’t have to waste time looking or learning all the different software and systems out there and wondering what to buy & how to get started. It is all here with over 200’s audio/video tutorials that will walk you through step by step all included. Support is always here for you with just a few clicks away. Become a Pro member by purchasing hosting or any one of our marketing systems and You will gain access to more training and Free software taking you to another level of marketing to grow your business.  If you have purchased an AE and SAE marketing system you as members will also get FREE unlimited hosting. YOBC allows all members access to everything in the Free and Pro membership. Everyone is special in our membership. Listed Below is Blog and Website features within each membership.

  1. Refer 3 Free Trial Membership include Web page and Blog
  2. Account Executive Membership includes Do It Yourself (DIY) Blog/Web Design
  3. Professional Blog Design Services
  4. Web Site Design Services

Get started Today with a Free Trial to see all the benefits and features includes in the membership. Upgrade to our membership includes unlimited hosting for $49.95 per year and a domain. Join Now!

Your Own Hosted Blog Set Up in Minutes!

The big hot craze is having your own hosted Blog. YOBC provide everything to get your own professional hosted blog so you have complete control of it. Once you join get your domain or transfer one that you may have. And request your hosting to be turned on. Within minutes with our help or any of our audio/video tutorials we will have you blogging in no time. We have recommended free themes and or resources to find others. More training on setting that up and tweaking it how you want it to look like. Then it is as easy as checking your email to login and write content about You and your products and services.

Take Control of Your Own Website Today!

Now day?s websites are easier to build and have features that can be easily added with a click of a button. With your built-in software inside the hosting we offer you’ll set up your site in step by step in minutes. Our Account Executive membership includes unlimited hosting & web design software, tools and 100’s audio/video tutorials. Our complete system takes learning curve away and you don’t have to purchase anything else. Except for your own domain name which are available YOBC Domains (click Here).

  1. DIY Web Builder Information Page. (Click Here)
  2. Here are some Examples of using the DIY Web Builder. (Click Here)
  3. Over 632 Templates in our Gallery (Click Here)
  4. How to Use DIY Web Builder Audio/Video Tutorials (Click Here)
  5. Web Brief Form Your Planning Guide to great design (Click Here)
  6. Setting up unlimited personal emails

This is just part of what is available. You will see that everything is in one place and easy to access. 100’s of more features that your hosting c-panel will provide for you that is worth hundreds of dollars. Set up Word Press blog, Pay Pal, Gmail, YouTube and more. View Training on left side of menu bar.

Affordable Blog Design Delivered Fast!

I met Holly Powell at a week of Internet Marketing training and she has everything to get you set up .She has given us how to videos to take a step by step approach to working and knowing the inside of your blog. 31 of them. Here is a short list of the available services she provides. If you still don’t if you should have a blog. Read This Here is Why to Blog. Or you can see all that see offers. NonStopSocialMedia

  1. Simple Blog loaded to our server with choice of flexibility NonStopSocialMedia choice
  2. Simple Blog as above with custom ? header with up to 2 header graphic changes.
  3. More custom Blog packages with Plug-in, Add me buttons and more
  4. Outsource your tasks Link building, Article writing, Blog commenting, profile set up
  5. Programming and how to Fire Your Programmer to do it Yourself
  6. Social media total setup package from start to finish.

All of Non Stop Social Media Services is available to our Free and Pro memberships. As a Pro member you will access to all of the trainings provided by Holly which is 31 audio/video step by step tutorials of blog setup and design. Get Started Blogging

Web Design Done with Great Details!

With Zach Hickens an owner and teacher of web design is why we have partnered up with Silver Lizard Design. Zach is local to me and has so much to offer in web design. His professional services is all that is expected down to great detail of what he offers. Zach has been doing this for a long time and it is timely about completing your site. In addition to web design they also offer the full suite of graphic design services and well as marketing and advertising consulting. Their marketing expertise means that they will deliver a site that fits your needs and help drive business your way. To Get Started (Click Here) The advantages of choosing a professional are:

  1. You?ll end up with a site that works
  2. the site will be optimized to work well with search engines
  3. the design will be appealing, not ugly colors or annoying layouts
  4. Give your site legitimacy to your audience and peers;

Keep in mind, when you hire a web designer you are starting a relationship that may be a long term business relationship and will surely have a large impact on your success in your business. It is wise to approach it the same way you would hiring an employee. Conduct a job interview, check reference, make sure they know what they are doing and make sure that you get along with them. If you do these things, your chances of success go way up! Request That InterviewAgain all these services is available to our Free and Pro members.

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