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Why You Need a Blog? The most frequently asked question I get about social media have to do with blogging. People constantly ask me questions about what they should be blogging about and almost everyone wants to know when it's the right time to start blogging.

The answer to that second question is very easy to answer: right now. You need 2 things to market your business…a blog and an optin form! That's it…it's really that simple. Most folks think that you need lots of money to get started; but you don't.

Low Cost Start-up

You can get a blog started for under $100…including blog platform, theme, and optin. $100 is a small investment compared to the return you'll receive. Another question I get is: But what should my website be about…and I always say, "Your Passion!" If you're selling anything other than your passion you're missing out. Passion sells faster than pushing your MLM… My passion happens to be internet marketing–and helping people to "find their passion". I have so many people who have come up to after I helped to say…"Thank you, thank you, thank you. If I had continued pushing my MLM I would not be having the success I am today in"…whatever their passion happened to be. You can use your blog to write about anything you want! The next biggest mistake I see…are folks using free blog platforms to market their "passion"! Big No-No! I do NOT take folks seriously if they are using free platforms to market. Some tips to follow: Be yourself in your blog. Even Superman has bad days. Don't turn your blog into a journal of doom and gloom, but take an event and turn it into a lesson others can relate to. Put yourself in your blog and you'll attract more followers, more people sharing your posts through social media and more connections from potential partners who want to work with you. Blog several times a week. Schedule it in your calendar and make it a regular habit. Find a time that works best for you and just get going. In my upcoming Webinar, you will discover five types of blog posts you can use any day of the week to help you get started.

Tell Stories. People love to hear stories about people! Tell people about your family, your vacations, your pets…it helps folks to "know, like, and trust you."

There are some great tutorials within this website that show you how to get a blog started–but if you don't have time or you just want a more professional look…let our service help you. We have created literally 100's of blogs and have NEVER had anybody ask for their money back.

I have several blog packages–the more popular being the Platinum Package–because it includes 1 hour of 1-on-1 time with me. I go through your whole site with you.

I do have smaller packages that are very affordable–feel free to check them out.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.