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We need to be active just as the big business are (Barnes & Noble, HP computers) and how is the done ? Do your ever get emails from a business that sends an  email every day or every week?  Sure you joined there list or purchased something and now they can send reminders of specials that they may have. How do they do that? It is a auto responder system that has built in messages that are set at any predetermined  day to send out that email. Some of the top auto responder companies out there cost around $20 to $100 a month. Time have changed and cost are way down that now you can have the same type of system with many more features for less.And will work for any business out there.
Get Your Own Marketing System Today!

No other system has this many features and you can get it for Free by just referring three user to the system. This system has a very important tools that every business needs to market online. Your Own Marketing System allows unlimited of the following.

    Auto responder (email system that sends messages automatic)

  1. Landing/capture pages to get ones mail to be able to follow up
  2. Sales pages to sell one product with out websites.
  3. Capture forms that attach to a website in 4 easy steps (anyone can do it)
  4. Ad tracking to see where your getting results
  5. Pre-made templates and videos just point and click
  6. Add you own videos or images all save ready to use again
  7. Refer 3 and it is FREE (all systems except Account Executive.)

And so much more. We have many systems to pick and choose from depending on you business.

Brick and Mortar Business Click Here

Realtor Agents and Brokers Click Here

How We Help You Get More Customers

Here are some examples of what the system will do for You!
  • Easily Capture Contacts From Your Existing Website – Click Here for Example
  • Default Lead Capture page (captures Visitor’s info) – Click Here for Example
  • Library of Lead Capture Pages (captures Visitor’s info) – Click Here for Example
  • Option to add a Virtual Host on Lead Capture Pages – Click Here for Example
  • Ability to Create Your Own Lead Capture Pages (Even with audio or video) – Click Here for Example
  • Ability to have an Unlimited Number of Lead Capture Pages that can each go to a different place for
  • targeted marketing, testing and many other purposes!
  • Tell A Friend Feature Automatically Gets Your Customers & Prospects Referring Others!
  • Ability to Automatically Send Valuable offers to your contacts – Click Here to Learn More

How You’ll Get Customers to Buy More Often & Make Larger Purchases!

  • Library of Autoresponder Campaigns (series of email messages) to sure/Sales
  • Library of Audio & Video Postcardsrespondersure Times as many people to open and view them
  • Ability to Write Your Own Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Ability to create your own Autoresponder messages that get people to BUY!
  • Your Auto responder messages by Email & Text Message when prospects enter their contact info so you can follow up
  • Chat Feature to notify you when a customer or prospect is on your website
  • Powerful Contact Manager to better Manage Contacts, Save Time and Increase Sales
    • Rate Prospects so You Can Use Your Time Wisely Which Will Increase Sales
    • Add Notes to Improve Ability to close more deals
    • Search Feature Saves Time
    • Reminders to Improve Follow Up Which Will Increase Sales
    • See time and date they opened your email and much more…
  • Ability to Track your Marketing Efforts so you know what is working and what isn’t and you are not throwing money away!
    • Website Statistics
    • Charts and Graphs to Immediately Identify Marketing Efforts
    • Shows detailed info on # of visitors and # of opt ins and percentages and much more!

Business Building Resources

  • Library of Marketing Tools (online & offline) to Increase Exposure to your website
  • Library of Training & Resources from Top Marketers to Dramatically Increase Sales
  • Access to Your personal Training Area for your training and support materials (but don’t be concerned… THIS IS A SIMPLE SYSTEM… if you can read type and click your on your way to being an expert)

And the Best Part…

  • We Invested Millions to Build This Incredibly Powerful System
  • There is a small 1 time set up fee (see below) and then just $29.97 per month!
  • You can Easily Get the $29.97 fee WAIVED Each Month – Click to Learn More
  • We continually Improve the Instant Sales System at NO Charge to You!
  • Its Very EASY to use (a child could use it)!
Here is the Instant Sales System FAQ’s Click Here

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