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    Training Directory - Your Own Business Center

    Currently We Have Over 250 Audio/Video Tutorials!

    Here you will find all the different trainings listed in different categories.

    The best way to use them is by having two browsers open. One with the audio video playing in one window so you can pause the video as needed.
    While having another window open that your working on.

    To open another window or tab Right Click on Hyperlink and choose what you want. Click on links below. It will go directly to the
    section as listed.

    FREE and Pro Members
    Webpage Setup

    YOBC Platform Tools and Applications

    System Tips and

    Domain purchase $10.95 and setup

    DoIt Yourself (DIY) Blog/Web Builder

    C-panel hosting Tutorials

    WordPress Blog on Your Hosting

    Social Media Trainings

    3rd Party Programs

    Computer Learning Basic Tips and Tricks

    Network Marketing Learning & Training

    Floating Capture Form tips and tricks
    (Click Here)

    Purchase Domains Only $10.95 for One Year

    YOBC has it’s own Registrar and
    easy to access within our support area. Here are all the facts
    and terms of what a domain is. And How to choose

    Ideas and How to pick a domain
    (Click Here)

    What”s Your Internet Address
    (Click Here)

    As a Pro Member Included All the Software and Templates Included (DIY) RV Site Builder

    This is all built -in to your c-panel and no need to know ftp upload. Just make sure you click
    save each step. And when ready to publish your site on the web.
    One click and your done.

    1. To learn how to Login to the Web Builder you need to access your hosting c-panel.
    (Watch this)

    2. How to find the Web builder after you have login No installation needed … just Click on RV Site Builderfrom inside your Cpanel!

    RVSiteBuilder Instalation - just click on the icon inside of Cpanel

    click on this Icon => RVSiteBuilder Icon found inside Cpanel
    It’s That Easy to Get Started There are several ways to access
    these audio video tutorials.

    YOBC RV Site builder Tutorials Page (Click Here)

    YOBC Complete TutorialLibrary 16 videos (Click Here)

    Pro Upgrade Hosting AccountYOBC C Panel Tutorials

    This is your main area to login to build that website or host a blog. You will be able to set up email accounts, add your files and images to publish on the web stored to show up as a web site.

    Learn your hosting C-Panel step by step 31 video (Click Here)

    YOBC Complete Tutorial Library 31 Videos (Click Here)

    Welcome to the World of Blogging!

    Blog tutorialsThis is for
    setting up that professional
    WordPress Blog on your own hosting as a Pro

    WordPress has so
    many free and paid plug-in.
    We will add only ones

    that we can provide tutorials

    WordPress blog
    less than 5 minutes.
    (Watch Here)

    These videos show you how
    to use your blog after installed. (Click

    YOBC Complete Tutorial
    Library WordPress 2.7 voice series (Click

    More Blog Tutorials
    Below We are set up as a developer of
    blogs and have many paid Themes and plugins that we provide you
    as Pro Members FREE of charge .

    1. FlexSqueeze install & 31
      tutorials Free

    Customize Your Blog!

    All the features of Flexibility 2 plus major
    theme enhancements such as custom search box

    more flexible tag and category options, more
    font style choices, enhanced sub sidebar widget

    pagination navigation, new theme skins and much more! If you
    haven’t experienced Flexibility 2,

    encourage you to grab
    a free
    and see for yourselfFree download of
    Flexsqueeze Theme
    (Click Here)

    FlexSqueeze Theme
    Tutorials 31 videos
    (Click Here)

    Join the Social Revolution Today!

    Face Book Set
    (Click Here)

    (Click Here)

    are for the popular apps that are online that will become part of
    your business everyday

    you don’t see a training you think that can help you and our
    members. Let us Know.

    Pay Pal voices
    series 31 videos (Click Here)

    You Tube
    series 11 videos (Click Here)

    series 20 videos (Click Here)

    YOBC Complete Tutorial
    Library (Click

    We are creating file and will be adding content weekly

    I would like to invite you to post
    in forum area to help others (Click

    Key Board Short
    (Click Here)

    More Coming

    MLM is Here to Stay!

    MLM/Network Marketing is here to
    stay. So many big companies are using mlm to expand there
    business today. Example Verision Cell Phones. It is not for
    everyone but like anything if you have the proper training and
    education and apply what you learn. You can make it big time. For
    you it is the best way to leverage your time and money. These
    first short trainings are great introduction to network
    marketing. We will be adding the whole Tim Sale system at a later
    time. These are short videos about
    network marketing and how it has gone main stream cause of
    technology. (Click Here) Tracey Biller
    Tim Sales
    Article writing tips

    Misc Marketing Ideas!

    How to write
    a signature file

    Ezines and Ezine

    Advertising Sites