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Bring Face to Face back to your business over the Internet.

Have you been to a site and want to ask a question. And you type in the box and no one is there or you type a question and it send back a candid reply. WSC works right on you website and if you already have a employee that is at the desk or around the computer during business hours. This is the answer to bring back that personal touch. Your visitor is at your website will see some one live on the screen. That visitor does not have to download any software to talk to your employee. It is a great Customer Service tool that brings the Face to Face back in our Business. Another great feature is if you have many departments within your company. WSC allows to forward that visitor to the correct department and have that person to person interaction.






Imagine a customer visiting your website where you are able to greet them live and in person, face-to-face.

    Offer assistance, LIVE and in real time as visitors move about your website.

After personally welcoming your customer to your website, they can initiate contact with you. You will then be able to see them and talk live with them Face-To-Face from your website. 

    Chat one-on-one with visitors in a private session or speak to the whole group from your website.


    Demo your products from within your LIVE streaming window.
    Transfer visitors to other sales reps or even possibly to other departments.

Now, this is where the system truly gets powerful. 

Assuming you have several associates and you want them working your website with you, you simply add these associates to your Associates List and with the simple click of a mouse each person will take turns communicating with prospective clients as they arrive at your website.

    Your associates can be anywhere in the world. All they need is a simple webcam

Your associates introduce themselves and assist these potential clients as if they walked right up to your traditional bussiness. 

    Associates can engage in a private one-on-one chat with the visitors.
    Visitors to your website simply see the next available associate if one associate is busy.

Imaging, taking your WHOLE business online LIVE and in person.

    Assign team members, staff, etc., to different departments and let them work with visitors to your website.

As great as the Internet is, most people never know they have a visitor on their website until that visitor has already left. Sadly this is COSTING YOU, the business owner possibly thousands of dollars if not more in revenue each month.

    We put you face-to-face, LIVE in front of ALL visitors to your website using our state-of-the-art LIVE streaming system.

Are you excited yet about NEW possibilities?


Forget everything you used to know about providing your customers top level support online.

As you continue using this system you and your company will be able to provide the ultimate in support without the cost of expensive phone bills and impersonal email systems.

    Your website can be LIVE 365 days, 24/7.

When a customer lands on your site and needs assistance, they can be transferred right to the support department of your business, assisted live without the additional cost of long distance or 800 number bills.



After purchasing our system, you can install it on an unlimited number of domains and pages that you control. This system is setup for all your marketing needs no matter how big or how small your company is.

    We help you grow beyond possibilities.


Need to hold face to face meetings and or conferences with your sales reps or other associates? The live sales and support system is able to hold in house meetings for you and your associates with the simple click of a button.



Imagine the increase in sales with this powerful system at your fingertips.

    Click-to-chat technology has been proven to increases sales by as much as 33%.
    Live Face to Face chat is projected to dramatically increase this margin.


This ground breaking LIVE streaming technology is as simple to setup and use as it is powerful.

    In minutes you could be broadcasting live and in person on your website.


And while this system has the power to maintain and serve corporate empires, it is also cost effective for small and online business entrepreneurs. 



The Internet lacks severely in the department of “business-to-customer” relations that you experience at traditional business world- but not anymore.

    Our system delivers outstanding results by closing the gap between you and your prospects with live video chat.

Go ahead. Get started today and watch your business grow.


Our live, “on your website” face-to-face two-way streaming video solution allows you to communicate with anyone from anywhere in real time, giving you the power to:

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Humanize your web site. It’s like being there.
Have you ever gone to a web site, liked what you saw, and wanted to talk to a representative before taking further action on the web site but the only option available was to complete an online form? I have and in most cases it left me frustrated because I was ready to take action but no one was available to help me. Yes, I completed the form but in most cases I found another solution on another web site, mostly because they provided a telephone number I could call and talk to someone. The Internet is evolving and more and more people are spending money online. Don’t let your web site visitors give their business to your competition. Humanize your site and make it easy for web site visitors to communicate with you.
A satisfied customer is a repeat customer.
No one can guarantee repeat sales. But, web site owners CAN ensure more satisfied customers by providing instant communication for your customer. This increases the likelihood they’ll be back. It’s a business fact that it isn’t the initial sale that grows a business, it is the repeat sales. Create satisfied customers and you create repeat sales. Think of Web Site Communicator™ as your sales associate. Have you ever gone to a department store and when you were ready for help a knowledgeable representative was eager to assist you? Well, Web Site Communicator™ works the same way. It allows you to be ready to focus on your web site visitor when they need you. Your attention to customer service and your availability will increase the number of satisfied customers to your web site, guaranteed. They won’t forget their experience and they’ll be back.
Seeing is believing: give your business more perceived value.
When a potential customer visits your web site they will immediately see and hear you because Web Site Communicator™ begins broadcasting your web cam signal instantly. Your visitors will be able to communicate with you when they are ready without trying to figure out how to. When your web site visitors are able to see you at work they’ll feel confident about doing business with you. Imagine your visitors being able to see and hear you at your computer desk. Almost scary, isn’t it? But, the reality is, the Internet is evolving and if you want to grow your online business then you have to come up with ways that simply compel your visitors to want to do business with YOU. Web Site Communicator™ can do that for you.
Instant gratification equals instant satisfaction for you and your web site visitor.
Providing a human aspect to your web site means visitors receive instant gratification when they are able to talk to you LIVE and immediately. This means they are satisfied and you are satisfied because you both get what you want. With more and more companies getting online there are more and more web sites competing for the same Internet surfer. Web site owners need to offer unique advantages to visitors to encourage them you are the right choice for them. When you provide an instant means of communication you open a door to cultivate positive relationships with your web site visitors. Web Site Communicator™ can help.
“No man is an island.” Share the workload.
With Web Site Communicator™’s ability to create departments and assign additional operators you can easily transfer visitors to the appropriate department and operator. Of course, this feature is more beneficial to larger companies but imagine how your business will grow when you humanize your web site. You may have to hire staff sooner than you think.
Teamwork makes the “dream work”.
The Internet has created more millionaires than any other industry. Most of this success has come via network marketing and MLM. Whether we are fond of this industry or not is irrelevant.. teamwork does work. Your prospects will be like putty in your hand when you use Web Site Communicator™ to grow your online business. Now you can instantly communicate with your web site prospect but, Web Site Communicator™ goes beyond this. Web Site Communicator™ allows you to add other users of Web Site Communicator™ to your Buddy List and instantly communicate with them, i.e., invite them into a live chat session with you and a web site prospect or, let you transfer a web site prospect to one of your teammates who is in your Buddy List. Web Site Communicator™ bridges the gap between you, your team and future team members. The old fashioned belly-to-belly marketing (before the Internet was invented) just got a new boost thanks to Web Site Communicator™.
Presentation – Communication: keep everyone informed.
By popular demand we have enhanced Web Site Communicator™ by adding a full featured conferencing program we call Virtual Chat.   It includes two split-screen real-time video and audio technology as well as our unique PowerPoint capability. Unique because you simply upload your PPT file into our software and our software instantly converts it and makes it ready for you to show to your attendees. There is no download necessary for your attendees. Simply send them to your web site and provide them with the password. No firewalls or antivirus software to be concerned about. Everyone gets in. Includes “push url” and “push canned responses.” You can set parameters to receive email notification of who attended your conference and many more features.

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