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When it comes to something as important as your web site, choosing a professional to design and implement everything can be the best choice. The design of the site should accommodate all the needed features, be search engine friendly, provide easy navigation and have a look and feel that invites your market segment to stay on your site and return again and again. There are several web designer out there to choose from, from your cousins high school aged son to huge international web design companies. As with anything else, in the end you’ll get what you pay for. Here are some things to consider when choosing your web designer:

  • How long have they been doing this? The internet can be a complicated thing, with it’s own rules, customs, technologies and taboos. Make sure that whoever is designing your site knows the field, otherwise your site just might end up on the worst-of-the-web or even worse, never be seen by anybody. They need to know the technology so your site displays properly for your guests.
  • What’s the price? Most good web designers will charge somewhere between $50-$150 per hour to build a web site. That can mean the final site should be somewhere from $250 and up, depending on the sites features and how many pages there will be in the final site. Prices that are significantly higher or lower should set off alarm bells in your mind.
  • What is their specialty? In the world of web design there are two kinds of web builders, those whose strength is in design and those whose strength is in programming. Which will serve you best depends on what your site’s purpose may be. Most reputable companies hire groups of designers and groups of programmers in order to satisfy clients on both ends of the spectrum. Obviously, having several employees drives up their overhead and therefore, the final price. If that is what you need though, then it is worth the extra money to have them build your site.
  • Timeline How quickly you need the site created can be an important factor in your choice. The best designers become well known and busy. For a great designer you may end up waiting for weeks or months before they even start work on your site. The mediocre and poor designers will likely have an open schedule. Remember though, a web site is not set in stone, you can have one created cheaply and quickly, then replace it over time with a better site when the good designers are available.
  • Marketing Knowledge Does the designer know anything about marketing in general? Remember that your site needs to appeal to your prospects and clients. One way to gauge the designers knowledge is to pay attention to the questions he or she asks you. If all they ask about is site features and technologies.

Keep in mind, when you hire a web designer you are starting a relationship that may be a long term business relationship and will surely have a large impact on your success in your business. It is wise to approach it the same way you would approach hiring an employee. Conduct a job interview, check references, make sure they know what they are doing and make sure that you will get along with them. If you do these things, your chances of success go way up! Advantage The advantages of choosing a professional are:

  • You’ll end up with a site that works
  • The site will be optimized to work well with search engines
  • The design will be appealing, no ugly colors or annoying layout
  • Gives your site legitimacy to your audience and peers

Silver Lizard Design We at YOBC recommend Silver Lizard Design as a good web design company. They have been doing web design since 1998. They keep up to date on the latest trends, techniques and technologies the web has to offer. In addition to web design they also offer the full suite of graphic design services as well as marketing and advertising consulting. Their marketing expertise means that they will deliver a site that fits your needs and helps drive business your way. YOBC has negotiated special pricing for our clients who use Silver Lizard Design for their web sites, logos or ad banners. The pricing is as follows:

  • Web Site Design – $250 and up, depending on features and number of pages.
  • Logos – $150
  • Ad Banners – Static banner $35 and animated banners starting at $85

To see some samples of their work and to get more information on Silver Lizard Design, click here To order, and get the YOBC discount, click one of the links below: Web Banner Web Site Logo

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